About me

My name is Belén and I am the creator of Paraíso Prints.  My passion for printmaking started way back in the  Argentinian Pampas during a warm summer surrounded by Paraíso trees, also known as Melia Azederach or Chinaberry.

Seeking for friendly environmental materials I investigated many processes for making printing inks and the love for nature took me, when living in California, to started studying the amazing art of natural pigments. 

I walked through mountains and shores in search of colorful landscapes to gather rocks, earth and clays. 
I also joined my other passion, the ceramic world.  

In my art studio in Spain, I create small batches of dedicated pieces  that reflect the botanical and mineral world that surrounds the Costa  Blanca

Thanks for visiting me! 



Nature colours to you

A painting as an ode to the iron rich orange color soil and the sweetest agrumes grooves.