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Spanish Ceramics from Costa Blanca

Ceramics are one of most ancient art expressions. Get traditional and artsy vases from Spanish ceramics at Paraíso Prints. Here at our workshop at Costa Blanca, we value nature more than anything. Using natural materials such as clay, soils and volcanic ashes, we provide essential decorative and tableware pieces.

Employing naturally occurring materials from Costa Blanca, we aim to preserve the beautiful tradition of ceramics as unique and authentic as possible. In different shapes and sizes, our vases are made to honor the gifts nature and tradition have for us.

Handmade Ceramics from Paraíso Prints

Here at Paraíso Prints, we are experts on handmade ceramics. Our creations are made from natural materials such as native soils and clays. We strive for keeping artisanal ways of creating sustainably by designing and crafting all of our pieces. Our ceramics workshop in Costa Blanca provides an oasis of handmade ceramics in an industry more industrialized year by year.

Find out unique designs of Spanish ceramics. Tall minimalist vases, delicate platters and many other clay pieces of every shape and size imaginable. Don’t miss out this opportunity and bring home excellent designs of handmade ceramics from Paraíso Prints.

Glazing Ceramics and Other Exquisite Pieces

Ceramics bring out many ways of creating artisanal decoration and tableware for your home. Here at Paraíso Prints, we employ natural methods and materials to create unique handmade ceramics.

We offer a wide range of designs. Using white, orange, gray and yellow clays from Costa Blanca, we develop many unrepeated pieces. One of these examples is our glazing ceramics. These kinds of pieces are treated with a glassy coating that makes them look even more unique.

The glaze applied to our vases also comes from naturally occurring materials here in Costa Blanca. Feel renewed with one of our glazing ceramics: with some white glaze strokes, the texture and lightning from this vase makes every one of these pieces individually different.

Paraíso Prints is the perfect place for pottery lovers. Check out our collection of handmade ceramics. If you find a sold out piece that you like, don’t be shy. We are always open to work on new models and hear you out so we can design and handcraft the perfect ceramics for you.

We renew our collection every month, striving for sustainable craftsmanship. What better way for our goals than creating artisanal pieces with the materials already available in our landscapes? Hope you share the same aesthetic and environmentally friendly values and find a desirable piece to take from our ceramics workshop to your own home. 

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